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Personal information

If you have any questions or special requests regarding your diet or catering in general, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you. Also, it is no problem to change your diet after you send the form, but no later than on 5th October.

Public transport tickets

You can order public transport tickets for your whole delegation. We will meet you after your arrival to Prague and help you with orientation around the city. The ticket covers all buses, trams, underground and trains in Prague. One 4-day ticket costs 500 CZK (21 EUR) per person. This option is available only for delegations.


You can now order stylish GOMUN 2022 t-shirt and cloth bag (as you can see in the pictures) - they will be handed to you during the conference!

Both delegates and supervisors are ordering only for themselves.

Your preferences

You can choose up to 3 preferences and it is recommended to do so. However, it is possible to choose just 1 or 2. You can choose a full committee in case that some position becomes empty but we recommend to select at least 1 free position.

What is the difference between single delegate and delegate - delegation?

If you are coming on your own (without a teacher from your school), register as Single delegate.

If you are coming as a school group (with your teacher/s and schoolmates), register as Delegate - delegation. Please note that first, one of your teachers has to register because then, you will be "joining" your delegation.

What is the difference between Main supervisor and supervisor?

Main supervisor is a teacher who will be dealing with most of the communication with our Secretariat before the conference. There is one Main supervisor per delegation and has to register before anyone else from the school. After the Main supervisor registers, delegation is created automatically and both students and other teachers can register as well.

If you need to change who will be your Main supervisor later on, please contact us. we will be happy to help you.

How much is the fee and what does it contain?

Delegate Fee: 1000 CZK (41 EUR) - Early Bird discount until 15th May (then 1100 CZK or 45 EUR)

Supervisor (teacher) Fee: 600 CZK (25 EUR)

Both fees include: entry to all official events, GOMUN Kit (notepad, pen, etc. - all you’ll need during the conference), and catering during the whole event (lunches and our famous refreshments).

It is possible to buy public transport tickets (we will meet you at your arrival to Prague) and GOMUN t-shirt, you can select these options in the registration form.

Do you provide accommodation?

No, we don’t, however, hotels are used to foreigners in Prague and there are many nearby the main venue so booking your accommodation will not be an issue. We can help you with your check-in and assist you in case of any trouble during your whole stay.